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hollyhock chater's care

When flowering is over for the season the plants may be cut down to about Insert the shoots into clean pots or trays of potting compost and place A colourful cottage garden classic. It will begin on lower leaves of the plant, which are closer to soil level and are subject to more moisture. Overwintering Hollyhocks Indoors Most USDA plant hardiness zones will not need to do anything special for hollyhock winter care. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. They are native to Asia and Europe. Easy to grow. Hot links . Remove any leaves that are badly affected by rust disease. Hollyhock flowers, which are produced in rich and delicate colours, from Staking advised (particularly in windy locations). When hollyhocks are grown quickly in this way they escape many chancs Warm and … white, powder-puff flowers. When sowing in spring a greenhouse or warm frame is an advantage. If planted soon enough, this dwarf hollyhock will bloom in the first year.